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Directions for Curbside Pickup: Enter 69th street from Chester Avenue. The MidTown Tech Hive will be located on your right. Drive to front of building where designated parking is located for Curbside Pickup. Be aware there is no signage on the side up the building. We are next door to the Hilton True Hotel.

Pour Over
French Press

The Coffee

  • Artisan Coffees

    We carry a variety of coffees from Central America, South America, Africa, Indonesia India and many more regions.

  • Iced Coffee

    Our Iced Coffee is made from our in house brewed toddy. A 70/30 mixture of Toddy and water.

  • Espresso

    A two ounce shot of the finest Arabica beans, roasted to a light color to ensure a rich , smooth espresso shot with no bitter aftertaste.

  • Toddy

    Our cold brew is prepared with a blend of coarsely grounded beans, steeped for 24 hours. This creates a cold brew rich in flavor and crisp in taste with no bitter aftertaste but offering up maximum caffeine.

  • Shot in the Dark

    Also known as a Red-Eye or Witches Brew is a combination of our delicious brewed coffee and a double shot of espresso.

  • Latte

    Naturally sweetened from steamed milk paired with espresso creating smooth and silky drink topped with a slight layer of foam.

  • Breve Latte

    A creamy version of our regular latte prepared with half & half and espresso creating smooth and silky drink topped with a slight layer of foam.

  • Spanish Latte

    This naturally sweeten iced latte is made with espresso topped with raw cane sugar instead of toddy. It might take a bit more love and care to make but oh! is it worth it.

  • Cappuccino

    Unlike the latte this drink is all about the foam! It consist of equal parts espresso and milk topped with plenty of foam.

  • Cortado

    A double shot of espresso topped with equal parts foam.

The Mochas

  • Mocha (White or Chocolate)

    Our Mocha is one of our most popular items on the menu. It can be served either hot or cold, it is the perfect amount of toddy, chocolate (Reg or white) and dairy of your choice.

  • Hot & Spicy Mocha

    Crafted with our in house made Mocha spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, and, a dash of red pepper

  • Mocha Frappuccino

    This frozen blended ice drink is traditionally made with our in house Mocha but can be made with any of our available dolce flavors. (Caramel, Chocolate, White Chocolate etc)

The Dessert Beverage

  • Breve Bomb

    This 3 layer experience will knock your socks off. What it lacks in size (Only available in a short), it gives back in a striking jolt of caffeine. Tossed back like shot this drink is prepared with a layer of syrup, a layer of half & half and topped with a shot of espresso.

  • Choco-Laccino

    Think, hot chocolate with a splash of vanilla and a shot of espresso for an extra kick

  • Caramel Chill

    Another popular drink of ours. This drink is hand shaken and poured over ice it consists of caramel sauce and syrup topped with half and half.

  • Iced Ambrosia

    Hand Shaken with two shots of espresso coupled with raw sugar and topped with half and half over ice.

  • Salty Caramel Latte

    This delectable treat is prepared with sea salt, caramel syrup and caramel sauce. A combination of sweet and salty steamed milk with espresso

Whole Bean Coffees


Ethiopian Yirgachefe

Ethiopian Harrar

Kenyan AA

Tanzanian Peaberry

Zimbabwe AA


Costa Rican French

Costa Rican Tarrazu

Guatemalan Antiqua

Mexican Custepec

Panama Boquette


Celebes Kalossi

Java Estate

New Guinea

Sumatran Mandheling

Sumatran Viennese

South Americas

Brazil Santos

Colombian Supremo

Colombian Viennese

Colombian French



Celebes Kalossi

Java Estate

New Guinea

Sumatran Mandheling

Sumatran Viennese

South Americas

Brazil Santos

Colombian Supremo

Colombian Viennese

Colombian French



The Seasonal

  • Nutty Irishman (March)
    Nutty Irishman (March)

    March Maddness or St. Paddys day whatever the occasion you can enjoy this drink all year round! Made with 2 pumps of Irish Cream, 2 pumps of hazelnut, 2 shots of espresso with half cream and half milk steamed.

  • Butter Pecan Latte (Nov-Dec)

    This one of a kind silky sweet dream will delight your taste buds and keep you coming back, This one of a kind drink consist of butter pecan syrup, half and half, espresso, and REAL BUTTER!

  • Bad Santa (December)
    Bad Santa (December)

    Our already delicious Mocha coupled with 2 pumps of peppermint syrup and a dash of red pepper. Its the holiday drink you deserve.

  • Lavender Honey Latte (Spring)

    For those earth lovers out there, this drink was made for you.Naturally sweet a treat you wont soon forget.

  • Chocolate Stout Latte (March)

    An Iced delight for sure! This drink consist of 1 pump of Caramel, 2 pumps of hazelnut, 2 pumps of chocolate, 2 shots of espresso over ice with your choice of dairy.

  • White Lightening

    This drink is just as exciting as its name! 4 and half shot of espresso with 5 pumps of white chocolate over ice. Try that on for size!

The Un-Coffee

  • Italian Soda

    A handcrafted drink made with your choice of Torani Syrup flavoring mixed with club soda to create a refreshing and light soda.

  • Smoothies

    We carry 3 Available smoothie flavors during the warmer months. Strawberry Banana, Mango and Lemonade!

  • Hot Chocolate

    A combination of chocolate and milk steamed to perfection.

  • Spicy Hot Chocolate

    Adjusting our already perfect hot chocolate recipe but adding in a dash of red pepper to give it that extra kick your looking for.

  • Apple Cider

    Sourced from a local family owned Ohio farm. Delicious and Crisp. This drink can be served hot or cold.

  • Spiced Apple Cider

    Our locally sourced cider spiced with cinnamon nutmeg, and cloves. Can be served hot or cold.

  • Caramel Apple Cider

    This sweet peace of autumn heaven is alot like our spiced apple cider except we drench our cup in caramel sauce prior to making your drink. The longer it sits the better it gets! the caramel flavor just melts in.

The Teas

  • Hot Teas

    We carry a variety of different teas such as Japanese Sencha, Roobios, Sow Mee White, and Darjeeling along with classics like Earl Grey, English and Irish Breakfast, Peppermint and many more.

  • Iced Teas

    We keep a rotation of 1 Green, 1 Black and 1 Herbal Iced tea cold and ready to go at all times. Ask what we have iced today!

  • Chai Latte

    Sweet and Silky, Our Chai Tea Latte is crafted with Tazo Classic Chai Latte Concentrate and equal parts the milk of your choosing. May be served hot or cold.

  • Tumeric Ginger Chai

    Our most health conscious drink to date, a naturally caffiene free botanical elixir,easily one of our most belovable tea latte options. We recommend ordering with almond milk .

  • Dirty Chai

    Similar to our Chai Latte consisting of equal part chai and milk coupled with a double shot of espresso/toddy. May be served hot or cold.

  • Tumeric Ginger Spritz

    Our caffeine free turmeric ginger tea mixed with club soda to create the summertime pick me up you need.

  • Mojito Black Iced Tea

    Our wonderfully smooth black iced tea spiced up with a couple pumps of mojito syrup.

  • Tea Lattes

    Enjoy one of our delicious teas , with steamed or simply poured milk on top.

Loose Leaf Teas

Black Teas:  Lapsang Souchong, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Darjeeling, Chai, Ceylon, China Oolong.  

Flavored Black Tea:  Apricot, Black Currant, Earl Grey, Vanilla, Orange Spice

Green Tea: Gunpowder, Japanese Sencha, Yeba Matte, China Jasmin

Herbal Teas:  Chamoile, Organic Peppermint, Rooibos, Lemon Ginger

Brunch N Lunch



Our delicious muffins come in many different varieties, butter rum, blueberry, banana nut just to name a few.

Cheese Danish

Soft, Sweet, and, even better warmed up! This heavenly treat with its flaky goodness is a great choice whether your grabbing a breakfast pastry to start your day or snack on the go .

Lemon Bars

Rich and Delicious a fan favorite. This buttery shortbread crust with the tart, baked lemon curd, and powdered sugar sprinkled on top is brought to us by Southern Sweets Co. a Cleveland Bakery

Raspberry Bars

These bars are truly the BEST, a delicious breakfast or afternoon treat! Sweet and Crunchy, Pairs well with a cup of roobios tea! Brought to us by Southern Sweets.

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Ms. E's Glory loaves are a treat to eat, They come topped with chopped pecans or without. (They do contain Egg and Wheat)


Chocolate Chip, Chewy Ginger, Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Raisin Brought to us by Souther Sweets.