Drink Menu




  • Artisan CoffeeArtisan Coffees from Central America, South America, Islands.
    Africa/Arabia, Indonesia,
    India and more.


  • ToddyToddy is our cold brew coffee, prepared with a blend of several artisan coffee, coarsely grounded coffee, steeped in 5 gallons of cold water for 48 hours. The result is a cold brew rich in flavor, clear, crisp, clean with no bitterness and maximum caffeine.


  • EspressoA typical espresso shot is 1 ounce, however, here at the Phix one espresso shot will net you 2.5 ounces of the finest arabica beans, roasted to a light viennese color to ensure a rich, smooth espresso with no bitter aftertaste.


  • Iced CoffeeNo putting ice on old brewed coffee here. Our iced coffee is made from our exquisite Toddy and provides the same clear, crisp rich flavor with no bitterness.


  • Hot ChocolateOur recipe of whole milk and half & half steamed with hershey’s chocolate sauce.


  • French PressA method of preparing coffee, when using French Press the coffee ground remains in the pot, providing the a bolder taste than that made using Pour-over. If you prefer a bold, full bodied cup of coffee, you’ll enjoy the results of French Press.


  • AmericanoA method of preparing a single cup of coffee with espresso and water. We use Berardis’ Cafe Roma Espresso, 100% arabica beans for a rich, smooth blend of espresso and filtered water.


  • Pour OverPour over, a method of preparing coffee results in a lighter and cleaner cup of coffee. As the coffee ground remains in the top filter, you’ll notice that the coffee brewed is oil-free and less bitter or acid in taste.


  • Devil’s BrewSometimes called Witches Brew or Redeye, always an ominous name, the Devils Brew is our delicious brewed coffee with a shot of espresso.


  • LatteThe latte gets its name because it’s full of milk. It is generally it is generally a shot of espresso with steamed milk and a slight layer of foam.


  • CappuccinoUnlike the Latte, the Cappuccino is all about the foam. One of the most popular espresso drinks, a cappuccino is equal parts espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk.


  • MochaOur Mocha is one of the most popular drinks on our menu, served either hot or over ice. The perfect amount of toddy, chocolate and your choice of dairy.


  • Cafe MochaAs mentioned above for our Cafe Mocha we add a shot of espresso to give you a bolder mocha flavor.


  • FrappuccinoOur Frappuccino, known locally as the Phix Frap, is a frozen blended ice drink made with our delicious mocha and any of our available dolce flavors


Specialty Drinks

  • Sweetheart LatteOur silky smooth latte prepared with raspberry syrup and brown sugar.


  • Salty Caramel LattePrepared with sea salt, caramel syrup and caramel sauce. The perfect combination of salty sweet blended milk with espresso


  • Iced AmbrosiaTwo shots of espresso, sweetened with raw sugar, topped with half & half, poured over ice.


  • Choco-laccinoOur recipe of hot chocolate with a shot of espresso


  • Caramel ChillTwo shots of espresso, sweetened with raw sugar, topped with half & half and caramel sauce, poured over ice.


  • Chai Tea LattePrepared with Tazo Chai Tea, your choice of dairy, with two pumps of vanilla – steamed to perfection.


  • Hot & Spicy Mocha /Hot ChocolateMocha or Hot Chocolate spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and just a dash of red pepper.


  • Eight BallLooking for a real energy drink? This souped up Mocha has 3 times the caffeine and 3 times the chocolate.


  • Breve’ BombOur local creation the Breve’ Bomb is a layer of flavor, a layer of half & half with a shot of espresso. Consumed in one shot.


  • ShakesBlondie – Ice Cream & Toddy/
    Eight Ball – Ice Cream, Toddy & Chocolate/ Chai Shake – Tazo Chai and Ice Cream


Our Teas

Coffee Phix Cafe carries a variety of teas both ICED and HOT. Hot teas are prepared with loose leaf teas by the cup. Iced teas are cold brewed for several hour depending on the type of tea. This process make a crisp, flavorable glass of tea with no bitterness.

  • Black TeasLapsan Souchong, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Apricot, Black Current, Earl Grey, Vanilla, Darjeeling, Chai


  • Green TeasChina Jasmine, Chun Mee Green, China Oolong, Gunpowder, Japanese Sencha


  • White TeasSow Mee White, Spring Sable


  • Herbal TeasChamomile, Organic Peppermint, Rooibos, Royal Raspberry, Apple Cinnamon


Our Coffee

Our Coffees are 100% Arabica Beans roasted at our local roaster, Berardis Fresh Roast.


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