Local Artist Showcase

I am a multi- disciplined artist and yogi with a passion for photojournalistic exploration. As I roamed the city, what was broadcasted and displayed as media and art didn’t really reflect my everyday life as a Cleveland native. So, I took to heart a quote (paraphrased) from mother Toni Morrison “if what you want to read doesn’t exist, you must write it”. In this case, photograph it. I am endlessly inspired but to name a few: the pulse of Cleveland; black women in their everyday glory,  and the work of Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe and Roy De Carava. 


Previous Cafe Phix Artist Showcase

Gary Clark

Students of Newbridge

Laura Coiley Deitrich

Unity Powell

Coming in January


Amanda Nyx

Amanda’s talents are varied and cover art media forms. We are very much looking forward to her January Exhibit.