We are the community of Midtown’s cafe. We’re not just bringing great coffee, we bring conversations, and we bring together connections in the community. 
The ambiance that you experience will be one that inspires you to share with others. We are dedicated to providing quality service each and every time you visit us. Our pledge to you is fast friendly and fresh. A visit to Cafe Phix MidTown will be a memorable experience that will excite the palate and satisfy the senses..
Our barista’s are knowledgeable about our products and passionate about perfecting the specialty beverages we serve. The coffee we serve will be of uncommon quality and skillfully presented in unique and comfortable surroundings. Each day we bring to you two types of coffee to educate you palate on the differences of coffee all around the world. Our food menu will be simple yet focus on high quality baked goods and light lunches. We are committed to getting it right the first time; just the way you like it!

Meet the Staff

Jackie is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. She grew up in and around the Glenville neighborhood. After graduating high school she joined and made a career in the U.S. Navy. She retired from Military Service in 2000 and for 13 years worked in corporate, most of that time spent with Fidelity Investments.  In 2013 she decided to try her hand as an entrepreneur and so came about Cafe Phix MidTown (formerly Coffee Phix Cafe).
Bruklyn comes to the cafe from the very widely known Dewey’s Coffee which closed this past summer.  We were very excited to get such an experience Barista on our team!
Paulina is an alumni of the old Coffee Phix Cafe and has worked for the cafe off and on for about 6 years. We are excited to have her back. An excellent Barista.