Café Phix


Many of you have heard that the Coffee Phix Cafe has now closed it’s doors at the South Euclid location. Over the next few weeks our Facebook page and our website will be transitioning to our new cafe, Cafe Phix Midtown. 


Construction on the new cafe will be completed in October, 2018. As the build-out progresses I will post updates and photos of it’s development. 


Thank you for all your support at the Phix in South Euclid. We hope that you will come and visit us at our new location within the Digital C Tech Hive Building at 6815 Euclid Avenue in MidTown when we open. In the meantime you can visit us now as we are serving your favorite specialty coffee drinks from a coffee cart in the lobby of The Midtown Tech Hive. 

The Owner

Jackie is a retired US Navy Veteran. She retired from the Navy in 2000 and returned to her home in Cleveland, Ohio.  Jackie worked in corporate jobs, like Swagelok, Chubb Insurance and finally Fidelity Investments before she decided to venture into entrepreneurship and purchasing the Coffee Phix Cafe.

On April 15th Jackie closed Coffee Phix Cafe at it’s South Euclid location. In October she will open Cafe Phix Midtown located within the Digital C Tech Hive at 6815 Euclid Avenue. In the meantime she now has a coffee cart serving delicious specialty coffee drinks in the lobby of Digital C.